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Episode #44 - Dorna Moini - CEO and Founder of Documate.

In this episode of the podcast we are joined by Dorna Moini, CEO and Founder of document automation platform Documate. In this conversation we talk about: How Dorna made the switch from Lawyer to start-up founder Starting by helping with domestic abuse cases Scratching your own itch When to go big How Dorna views the no-code space And more I hope you enjoy this conversation with Dorna Moini!

Episode #43 - Augustin Prot - Co-Founder of Weglot

Augustin Prot is the co-founder of Weglot, a product which allows you to make your website multilingual! We talk about: How Weglot came to exist Transitioning from finance into a startup Finding their first customers His perspective on the no-code space The shift to remote work Kite-surfing Where he’d live if he could live anywhere And much more! I hope you enjoy this conversation with Augustin Prot.

Episode #42 - Paula Alcalá – Co-Founder of Palabra

Paula Alcalá is the COO and Co-founder of Palabra, an email automation platform that integrates with your existing tools to make advanced email processes simple. In this conversation we talk about: - How Palabra came to be - The evolution of the platform - Joining an accelerator - Transitioning from education to tech - What's missing in the no-code space - and much more. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Paula Alcalá.

Episode #41 – Hani Mourra – CEO and Founder of Repurpose

Hani Mourra is the CEO and Founder of Repurpose, a tool that allows you create your content once and distribute it everywhere. Hani is an expert is video content production and built Repurpose so that he could spend less time distributing content! In this conversation we talk about: - How Repurpose came to life - What Repurpose can do - Automating Work - Working Remotely - The No-code Space - and much more We hope you enjoy this conversation with Hani Mourra.

Episode #40 – Geoff Roberts – Outseta

Geoff Roberts is the co-founder of Outseta, a tool which combines multiple different types of functionality into one platform allowing you to launch your project faster. Otuseta brings together Billing, CRM, Email, Help Desk and Authentication into one place. In this discussion Tom and Geoff talk about: Why he built Outseta 1m 50seconds How using multiple different tools can become painful 3m 55seconds How he got into the no-code space 6m 13seconds What no-code is and how it’s changing 8m 48seconds Where no-code is going 11m 20seconds Addressing the question of scaling 12m 56seconds Lessons to be learnt from traditional software engineering inc version control 15m 07seconds What’s missing in the space 16m 52seconds Bootstrapping vs Raising Venture Capital 19m 18seconds New Funding Models 26m 02seconds The Tools Outseta replaces 27m 51 seconds Time vs Money Saved 32m 24seconds Remote Working with Twins 40m 33seconds What he would build if he wasn’t building Outseta 50m 10seconds What is he most excited about? 51:47seconds We hope you enjoy this conversation.

Episode #39 Humberto Ayres Pereira - DashDash

Humberto is a Co-Founder and Product Owner of dashdash. Dashdash is a web-app creator with a spreadsheet interface allowing you to build Build powerful sales and marketing tools. He also helped build 3 other digital businesses, Skin.pt, EatFirst.com and AirCourts.com In this discussion, Ben and Humberto Discuss: - Building with a no-code mentality - Why dashdash uses the spreadsheet as the foundation of their product - The major use cases for dashdash users

Episode #38 – Hiten Shah - FYI

Hiten Shah is the co-founder of FYI, a company that helps you find your documents in 3 clicks or less. He previously co-founded CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics. In this episode, Ben and Hiten discuss: - Experimentation in business and building digital products - Types of content that are useful to share today online - How content types affect attention and shareability

Episode #37 – Connor Finlayson - Building Marketplaces

Connor Finlayson is the founder of Unicorn Factory, a no-code marketplace that connects businesses in New Zealand businesses to local freelancers. In this episode, Ben and Connor discuss: - Why Connor uses Airtable - Building a custom approval system for his marketplace - Connor's thoughts on Zapier and Memberstack (among other tools he uses)

Episode #36 – David Adkin – Adalo

David Adkin is the Co-Founder of Adalo, a platform that makes creating mobile apps as easy as putting together a slide deck. In this conversation, Ben and David discuss: - Adalo's origins - Selling to makers and creators - Creating a guiding principle and constrains in no-code

Episode #35 Taimur Abdaal – Causal

Taimur Abdaal is the co-founder and CEO of Causal. Causal helps you build financial models effortlessly and share them with interactive, visual dashboards in a way that everyone will understand. In this episode, Ben and Taimur discuss... - The main use cases for Causal at startups - The trend in engineering towards block based building. - Measuring your economic impact

Episode #34 – Nicolas Sharp – Attio

Nicolas Sharp is the CEO & Founder of Attio, which is a fully customisable workspace for your team's relationships and workflows.  In this epsiode, Ben and Nicholas discuss... - How Attio helps you set up a notification system for your internal processes and team's workflows. - Remote work organizations and why workflows matter. - Where the no-code industry is going according to Nicholas.

Episode #33 – Tom Osman, Arvid Kahl – Zero to Sold (Workshop)

Arvid Kahl is the founder of The Bootstrapped Founder and author of Zero to Sold. Previously, Arvid successfully built and sold Feedback Panda in 2019 after growing it to $55k MMR. During this podcast replay from our live workshop, Tom and Arvid cover: - Scaling your SaaS business - Identifying a problem - Finding your first users - Selling your business

Episode #32 - Arisa Amano, Bob Remeika – Internal

Arisa Amano is the co-founder and CEO of Internal, an internal tools platform that allows anyone to create without code, reducing dependence on engineering and enabling businesses to do more with less. Previously, Arisa was the Chief Product Officer and co-founder at Harbor, a cryptocurrency firm, and the VP of Product at Zenefits, a healthcare startup. Prior to that, she held product and marketing leadership roles at Yammer, Microsoft, VMware and MTV Networks. Bob Remeika is the co-founder and CTO of Internal, a no-code internal tools platform. As an engineering leader with over 20+ years of experience, he’s seen firsthand the difficulties in prioritizing and resourcing internal tools projects, which spurred him to co-found a company to address the issue. Previously, Bob was the co-founder and CTO at Harbor, a cryptocurrency firm, and the VP of Engineering at Zenefits, a healthcare startup. Prior to that, he held various architect and engineering roles at Yammer, Grockit, Razorfish and Yahoo. In this episode, Ben, Bob and Arisa discuss... - Why Internal helps solve a crucial problem that Bob and Arisa saw during their time at Zenefits. - Why team tools don't typically get as much love, and how Internal can help. - How no-code lends itself to help you understand more technical aspects of work.

Episode #31 – Albert Santalo and Sebastian Scholl – 8base

Albert Santalo is the founder of 8base, and is joined by their Product Manager Sebastian Scholl. 8base allows you to connect your enterprise data sources and expose them through a unified GraphQL API. In this episode, Ben, Albert and Sebastian discuss... - The back end of low-code and no-code - Developers in the no-code space - Micro-SAAS and Digital Agencies in no-code/low-code

Episode #30 - Ankit Gordhandas – Intersect Labs

Ankit Gordhandas is the founder and CEO of Intersect Labs. Intersect Labs offers services that enable intelligent decisions involving machine learning from spreadsheet data in 3 clicks. Intersect Labs started with the simple idea that anyone who wants to make accurate predictions should be able to do it themselves. In this episode, Ben and Ankit discuss... - The convergence of no-code and data science - Is data science just for big companies, or for startups? - Using data as a non-technical person - Using Intersect to predict, analyze and forecast with your data.

Episode #29 Deep Dive – How Cottage created a thriving startup with Hubspot and Airtable (Featuring David Peterson)

In this new series, Makerpad Deep Dives, we break down real-world solutions for you to clone inside your own organization.  Today we have David Peterson from Airtable on to discuss how Makerpad and Airtable created a custom solution for Cottage – a San Francisco based company that helps home owners design, permit, and build Accessory Dwelling Units such as a guest house. Cottage came to us with a problem that many companies, especially startups face: how to manage, track and automate complex projects.  Using Hubspot, Airtable, and X.ai, Makerpad helped build a solution for them to automate & streamline complex, multi-party project management. In this episode, Ben and David Discuss... - Using Airtable for Project Management - Airtable integrations and the process of building solutions for startups. - More details on the process of solving real problems for freeing up time in organizations using no-code tools.

Episode #28 - Sid Yadav - Circle

Sid was one of the first hires at Teachable (which recently sold for ~$250m) and the VP of Product there. Sid started Circle in October last year with two other co-founders, both ex-Teachable. Circle is the modern community platform for creators, and is used by Makerpad (!). Other creator communities on Circle include Pat Flynn, Tiago Forte, David Perell, and Anne-Laure Le Cunff. In this conversation, Ben and Sid discuss... - Committing to new feature vs. keeping from technical debt - Using integrations to give your users super powers - When do you know when it's time to launch your app?

Episode #27 - Greg Isenberg - Late Checkout

Greg’s an entrepreneur and VC currently running Late Checkout, a startup studio/agency trying to create startups by focusing on unbundling Reddit. He previously founded Islands (sold to WeWork). In this episode, Ben and Greg Discus... - Community vs. Audience - Experimentation using no-code - The Studio model for building and launching products

Episode #26 – Max Lind – 8020 Agency

Max Lind is the GM of 8020. 8020 is a new agency focused on helping great companies move faster, without code. In this episode, Ben and Max discuss... - Using a wide variety of tools for your build and their tradeoffs - Transparency in building as an Agency - How 8020 works with Tiny Capital

Episode #25 - Wade Foster – Zapier

Wade Foster is the CEO and co-founder of Zapier. Zapier is a productivity tool that connects over 1,300 of the apps you use every day and automates the tedious, repetitive parts of your job, so you can be more productive at work. This product caters to individuals, small businesses, or smaller teams within larger organizations. In this episode, Ben and Wade discuss: - How anyone can pick up the skill of Zapier - Scoping opportunities: Code, or no-code? - Scaling a remote company to over 300 employees

Episode #24 - Moritz Dausinger - Founder of Refiner

Moritz is a tech entrepreneur with deep knowledge B2B SaaS. Right now, Moritz is in the midst of starting his fourth startup Refiner, a lead scoring application for inbound sales teams. During the last four years, Moritz successfully bootstrapped two startups (Mailparser and Docparser) from zero to acquisition. In this episode, Ben and Moritz discuss: - The process for content marketing to more technical creators. - Extracting data from documents and email - Automating methods for learning from leads in customer acquisition

Episode #23 - Sagi Eliyahu - CEO & Co-Founder of Tonkean

Sagi Eliyanu is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tonkean, the Operating System for Operations Teams. Along with his partner, Offir Talmor, Sagi founded Tonkean in 2015 to create an adaptive, no-code platform that helps operations teams solve inefficiencies and challenges for their unique set of processes, people, and systems. Prior to Tonkean, Sagi held executive engineering roles at Jive Software. Sagi served for four years in Unit 8200, the Israeli Defense Force’s elite intelligence agency, and he applies much of what he learned from developing data and information systems for the agency to his work at Tonkean. In this episode, Ben and Sagi discuss: - Why work still feels so manual today - Empowering all employees to be makers - How will the no-code and RPA space hit the mainstream?

Episode #22 - Sahil Lavingia - Founder & CEO of Gumroad

Sahil is the Founder & CEO of Gumroad. The idea behind Gumroad was simple: Creators and others should be able to sell their products directly to their audiences with quick, simple links. No need for a storefront. Sahil thought Gumroad would become a billion-dollar company, with hundreds of employees. It would IPO, and I would work on it until I died. Something like that. In this episode, Ben and Sahil discuss: - How Twitter is like your own note pad - Making yourself replaceable in your own business - Making features simple and frictionless - How Sahil uses no-code automations personally

Episode #21 - AJ - How personal and business roadmaps have changed since COVID, and how Carrd is carving out it's own niche

AJ is the founder & CEO of Carrd. He's been designing and developing stuff for the web since the mid-2000s. I'm mostly known for building HTML5 UP, Pixelarity, and a handful of projects over at GitHub. Carrd is a platform for building simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything, whether it's a personal profile, a landing page with a MailChimp signup form, or something a bit more elaborate. It's fast, flexible, simple to use, and 100% free. This episode covers: - Roadmapping your product features - How COVID has changed AJ's business - The difference between scoping custom web development vs. no-code development.

Episode #20 - Sjoerd Handgraaf - Launching marketplace startups and reducing startup complexity using Sharetribe

Sjoerd Handgraaf is a Growth & Product Marketing Specialist, with nearly a decade of experience in SaaS startups & growth companies (both web & app) in digital media, B2B & B2C software & clean-tech. He's currently the CMO of Sharetribe, a platform for making your own platform or marketplace. This episode covers: - Should you use a single solution or a stack of solutions? - How support can give you a skewed view on your own tool. - Using exit interviews. - The ""VC"" view vs. the Maker view

Episode #19 - Duncan Hamra and Tyler Bell – How every category of business is building recurring memberships using Memberstack

Tyler and Duncan have been best friends since pre-school. They built & sold their first business together at 16, and attempted to start several more before starting Memberstack. Memberstack helps site owners, turn websites into members-only sites, dashboards, web apps, and intranets with user accounts and payments (for any website.) This episode covers: - Customer conversations and Feedback - Organizing your road map - How do developers see the no-code movement? - Finding solutions with constraints

Episode #18 - Nirman Dave - Empowering your employees by removing repetitive tasks with Obviously Ai.

Nirman is the Founder of Obviously.ai. Growing up in a small town in India, she was always fascinated by computers, so she ended up teaching myself how to code from YouTube videos and kickstarted my journey into creating beautiful projects that people loved. Eventually, these projects became products, and products became companies. In this conversation Nirman and Ben discuss... - Machine Learning and Data - How Machine Learning overlaps with no-code - Nirma's 5 no-code predictions - How obviously AI plans to tap the power of community

Episode #17 - Mike Williams - Building products and creating value with Buildlab.

Mike Williams is the creator of Build Lab, which leverages a wide array of tools and expertise to build everything from no-code automation to fully-coded custom applications, and everything in between. Mike is also a freelance developer on Upwork, and generally gets hired to consult companies (big and small) on their tech stack and automation such as Airtable, Integromat, APIs, Database management, and web development.

Episode #16 - Nathan Barry - Reinventing email marketing for creatives with Convertkit

Nathan Barry, the Founder and CEO of ConvertKit, email marketing software designed to help creators connect with their audience. Before creating ConvertKit, Nathan wrote extensively about designing and launching digital products online. In this conversation, Ben and Nathan discuss their team's shift to focusing their products on creators, how they build their audience with free-to-start products, and how they structure their internal company revenue share for employees.

Episode #15 - Mike Williams - helping anyone build a marketplace with no-code

Mike Williams is a startup founder running Studiotime, then also Thinkbox since both of which are low & no code focused. Mike's core focus is to help founders build and create marketpalaces without needing to write code. Ben & Mike chat about running no code businesses, with a specific focus on marketplaces.